Statements change in Australian refugee case


Melanie Arnost

Last Updated: Tue, 29 May 2012 18:51:00 +1000

Two witnesses have changed their statements while giving evidence in the case of two Burmese refugees accused of assaulting immigration centre guards.

The Darwin Magistrates Court is hearing evidence about an alleged assault on two Serco guards by Habiburahman and Abdul Basir at the Northern Immigration Detention Centre in Darwin last August.

Witness Paul Green, who has accused Mr Basir of hitting him in the head, said he had not spoken with his fellow officers about the incident.

But after being questioned by defence lawyer John Lawrence, he changed his statement to say he had spoken to other security officers about what happened.

Another witness, Maree Dee White, says contrary to her incident report, she could not identify who threw a rock that hit another security guard.


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