PNG MPs angered over Australian visa conditions

Firmin Nanol, Port Moresby

Last Updated: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 16:27:00 +1000

Papua New Guinea's parliament has raised concerns yet again over Australia's strict visa conditions set on its citizens wanting to visit Australia.

PNG's Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah accused Australia of setting strict visa conditions on its citizens, while PNG allows Australians to get a visa on arrival.

He says it's unfair for Australia to treat its neighbour like that when both countries enjoy a long standing historical relationship.

"I want to appeal to the Australian government, if we are giving you easy access to Papua New Guinea, why not lift some of those cumbersome processes," he said.

"It is unfair.''

Some MPs also called on the PNG government to reconsider its visa policy with Australia, while others said Papua New Guineans should visit other countries like China or Malaysia instead of Australia.


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