New frog species found in the Philippines

Last Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 02:41:00 +1000

Two new species of frog have been discovered in the fast-disappearing forests of the Philippines.

The new discoveries are a mottled brown frog with red eyes and a broad yellow stripe running down its back, and a yellow-green one not much bigger than a human thumb, scientists from British-based Fauna and Flora International said.

Country director Aldrin Mallari said the finds should boost conservation efforts in the Philippines, which has extremely diverse plant and animal life but where many species are threatened by extinction.

Many have "written off the Philippines" because only 20 percent of the forests were left, he said at a forum at the National Museum where the finds were announced to the public.

"Yet many of these species, even if they are threatened, have this resiliency."

His team discovered the frogs in Leyte island's Nacolod mountain range in November.

US-based Conservation International lists the Philippines both as one of the 17 countries that harbour most of Earth's plant and animal life, and a "biodiversity hotspot" due to massive habitat loss.


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