Hundreds in Fiji still need flood aid

Floodwater inundated large parts of Fiji two weeks ago. [AFP]

Floodwater inundated large parts of Fiji two weeks ago. [AFP]

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Akhilesh Prasad on Fijian flood relief effort

Created: 16/04/2012

AUDIO from Pacific Beat

Trends point to dry winter season: Koop

Created: 16/04/2012

Last Updated: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 09:30:00 +1000

Aid groups in Fiji say hundreds of people are still waiting for assistance, after deadly flooding swept away houses, roads and bridges about a fortnight ago.

The weather bureau issued fresh flood warnings for low lying areas over the weekend.

The Sevashram Sangha Fiji organisation is delivering food and other assistance to those affected by the flooding.

The group's coordinator Akhilesh Prasad has told Radio Australia hundreds of people in remote areas still haven't received any assistance since the first round of flooding.

"Some of them may have been overlooked, some of them are there because the roads have been closed for a while, and that's why nothing has reached them," he said.

"Otherwise quite a large group of NGOs and government officials on the ground working at the moment and basically trying to reach people wherever they are."

He says others are calling in asking for help.

"There are some who say that we don't have groceries, and we have provided them with grocery bags," he said.

"Other say they need scholarship assistance, which we are looking at as well...providing them with stationary, book supplies, and some money for their bus fares."

Conditions easing

Weather forecasters in Fiji say conditions are now easing.

The Nadraki Weather Service says the cloud band is now starting to break up and the sun is shining.

Nadraki Weather Service Managing Director Neville Koop told Pacific Beat rainfall on Sunday did not produce any major flooding.

"There were (sic) no river flooding that I'm aware of, but it did, as often happens in this part of the world, lead to just flash flooding of creeks and drains in those parts of Fiji that are particularly low lying, around Suva especially."


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