Reports missing Sri Lankan activists found

Nonee Walsh

Last Updated: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 22:11:00 +1000

Two missing Sri Lankan human right activists, thought to have been murdered, have now reportedly been located.

They belong to the same political party as an Australian citizen who was released from detention after Australian government intervention.

In December Lalith Weeraraju and Kugan Muruganandan disappeared while preparing a protest about missing people who are believed to have been taken by Sri Lankan security forces.

The Asian Human Rights Commission's Basil Fernando says it was assumed that they have been murdered.

"However the news coming from several sources that they are being detained in the police welfare building at Pettah Colombo," he said.

The activists are politically alligned to Kumar Gunarathnam, who returned to Australia this week alleging he had been tortured during his detention.

Mr Fernando believes the Australian Government's intervention in that case has triggered the reappearance of Lalith Weeraraju and Kugan Muruganandan.


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